How to Focus On The Right Things In Your Music Career

Over the years, I have become known for helping musicians become more focused, more productive, use time more wisely, deal with distractions and get rid of stuff that don’t serve you. I love talking about this kind of stuff especially... Read More

The Power of Gratitude for Your Music Career with Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke

This is the kind of subject that is not necessarily business-oriented but has so much impact on your business. Gratitude is so important to be able to approach business in a healthy way. You cannot avoid experiencing huge highs and... Read More

How to Gamify Your To-Do List

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on productivity and I’m really getting a lot more done in my business because I’m splitting my time. Working hard, taking care of my family and having a lot on my plate, I’ve... Read More

Practical Tips for Balancing Home, Work & Music with Bree Noble, Beth Matthew & Cayla Brooke

I’m excited to be recording this podcast in my new remote office in Maine. We currently have one desktop which I use for my podcast and my husband also uses to teach his students. Good thing he works in the... Read More

It’s Time To Be Proactive (Not Reactive)

In this episode, I am excited to feature some of my Academy students wherein they share their experiences on how they are becoming proactive in this situation and the results they are getting from it. Being Proactive is producing a... Read More

What You Can Control Right Now

Are you feeling out of control right now? Do you feel that you had your goals and plans and you know everything you have been doing and that suddenly, it’s all been turned upside down? A lot of us feel... Read More

How To Create Wellness Habits That Stick with Katie Zaccardi

Musicians do not focus much on their physical and mental wellness but this is so important especially during this quarantine situation to avoid feeling burnt out. Mental and physical wellness plus building habits go hand in hand with you creating... Read More

What To Do If Your Music Goals Aren’t Inspiring You

What do you do when your music goals just aren’t inspiring you? When you look at that to do list, you get this heavy feeling, or you have a knot in the pit of your stomach, or maybe you just... Read More

FEM188:Frustration And Overwhelm Can Actually Help You Achieve Music Success

As a musician, you always have so much to do to work toward music success. Your mind is constantly juggling priorities. Whether it’s booking your next tour, engaging with your fans online, writing new music, or marketing your new EP,,... Read More

FEM184 Music Entrepreneur Success – Practical Tools & Mindset

Whether you realize it or not, as a musician, you are a music entrepreneur. If you’re wondering what a music entrepreneur is and how to act like one, check out this Podcast Episode. In order to succeed as a music... Read More