I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on productivity and I’m really getting a lot more done in my business because I’m splitting my time. Working hard, taking care of my family and having a lot on my plate, I’ve really been working hard to make sure I get stuff done in each aspect of what I need to do.

I’ve come across something lately that has really helped me manage my tasks. So today we’re talking about gamifying your to-do list. In the past, I’ve talked about breaking your to-do list, knowing how to prioritize and keeping 5 goals within 90 days. Even then there are certain things that keep falling to the bottom because I don’t really want to do them.

I’ve been working with a book called “Free to Focus” by Michael Hyatt and it has helped make things clearer to me on how I can run my business and make sure I get everything done.

How do you get rid of that overwhelming feeling that you have endless things on your to-do list? I learned from the book that we can choose 3 big things for the week and around those big things, choose 3 smaller things per day.

Before I start my work during Sunday or Monday morning, I organize them into first priority, check the deadlines then I fill in the rest. The gamification comes in here. Usually I procrastinate stuff that I don’t like doing so I put them off. Since I started this 3 big things, I only focus on 3 things a day and 1 of those 3 things is something I don’t like, and the other 2 are things I like.

It’s reality that there are things we procrastinate but with this gamification, we focus on only 3 things a day and 1 of those things is something we don’t like. But that’s how we go forward. The other 2 things that you like get to be a reward or a motivation that you only need to do 1 thing you don’t like and you usually do it first.

Gamifying your to-do list makes you feel more in control of things you need to get done. Doing this makes you feel better and so accomplished.

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