I rarely talk about products on this podcast and today I am going to talk about UniqCube. It’s a great product that can really be used by musicians offline or online and will make us stand-out. CEO Anna Sedleniece will talk about its benefits and how it has helped musicians stand out during their gigs.

I heard about UniqCube from Wade Hutton on the Six Minute Music Podcast, went to their website and I thought this is really cool! This is a product that is great to use for your branding, can be used for gifts to family members or friends and other applications for various events and purposes. You can check how this product looks like on our website, femusician.com and search for Episode 214 or on femusician.com/cube. If you decide to purchase it, you can also use my discount code “BREE”.

UniqCube was founded in 2016 and the product itself was originally created as a home decor. It’s basically a cube with a light inside. Since it’s a cube, it has six sides which you can personalize and DIY online. Originally, it was not really intended for musicians until record companies started ordering them for marketing purposes. The product design is minimalist so your DIY design really stands out. You can choose to put your photos, logos, website address, social media handle, upcoming albums or releases and so on — the design ideas are limitless! This is a great way to use offline to promote your merch and also for online promotion.

One way to use it is when you’re live streaming. It’s a great way to catch people’s attention so that when they are scrolling on their phones, they will get visually attracted by the cube and will notice your live. Also, because of its size, the cube is easy to bring from one gig to another. The price is affordable as well for start-up musicians.

Benefits of UniqCube

  • Great way to market yourself and your brand
  • Helps you stand out in a livestream or offline event
  • Each of the six sides of the cube can be personalized
  • Affordable
  • Minimalist so your own design really stands out
  • Small enough to be conveniently brought from one event to another
  • Can be used as a unique gift idea for holidays and events

You can check them out at femusician.com/cube and use code “BREE” to get 10% off.

Link mentioned in this episode: femusician.com/cube