Musicians do not focus much on their physical and mental wellness but this is so important especially during this quarantine situation to avoid feeling burnt out.

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My guest, Katie Zaccardi, was an indie artist/songwriter who struggled with anxiety disorder during college, until she discovered how to cope, figure out her triggers and do yoga to help her.

Eventually, she took up Yoga teacher training and this developed her interest in the spiritual and personal development world. While working in music publishing after college, she experienced stress, anxiety and constant headache. She eventually quit her job, went into freelancing and started her business. Now, she offers music career coaching in a very holistic way – – working on wellness, mindset and strategies to build a sustainable career and not to burn out. She shares the following important information about mental and physical wellness and building habits in this podcast episode.

How to Deal With Fear (Particularly During This Current Situation)

1. Establish your regular wellness routine. Make it a goal to lower your stress level baseline.

2. Make sure you are not keeping the fear inside and acknowledge the fact that uncertainty is going on. The key is choosing how you react to the things that come up in a way that serves you instead of one that doesn’t. Work through the emotions by not keeping it all inside. Share it with others or do some activity that will serve as your outlet.

Tips On How To Establish A Wellness Routine Habit

● Have tools or activities in your daily schedule that you can do whenever you need to de-stress to help you feel joyful and calm.

● Have a routine that is pretty set to eliminate decision fatigue. Attach the routine to a usual thing that you do like brushing your teeth or drinking your morning coffee.

● Be intentional in finding time to create wellness and get things done. You can check your family’s routines and find ways where you can make it work with your current schedule.

● You do not need to stop once you feel good. This is your goal and this means you actually need to continue what you are doing.

● Remind yourself everyday about your routine.

Basic Things to Start With for Your Routine (One thing at a Time)

1. Sleep – Audit your sleep.

2. Water – Notice how much water you are taking in each day.

3. Breathing – Learn to control your breathing, especially when you’re stressed.

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