To embrace the New Music Economy, this needs not to be a time of pause but of transition. The way that people consume and buy things will change and one of these is giving private lessons online.

In this episode, my friend, Tiffany Van Boxtel from the Podcast, shares how she seamlessly transitioned all her students online.  

When social distancing was implemented, Tiffany sent an email and told her students that due to the situation, they need to change to online lessons. She emphasized the benefits of the online classes to her students and that it was not going to be worth any less than the private in-person lessons. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it’s a great opportunity.

She also included instructions on her first email about how her students can join her online teaching on Zoom. Those who were apprehensive just followed the step-by-step directions.

She talks about important points to transition to online lessons:

  1. Have a positive mindset about teaching online
  2. Communicate well with your students and tell them why you need to transition online and highlight the benefits
  3. Set clear directions on how to get them started. 
  4. Set expectations and give resources to your students.

Another option she shares is recording your classes. Benefits you can highlight to your students are:

  • You can learn at your own time. 
  • Bring your lessons with you on the go.
  • You will still have regular Coaching Calls
  • You will have Masterclasses to get feedbacks

Tiffany offers vocal coaching and she will teach you her system for giving captivating performances. Access Tiffany’s free training at

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