I have a new income guide that fits perfectly into the current situation of the music industry which is called 39 Little Known Streams of Income to Create More Money Than You Dreamed Possible From Music. Be sure to go to femusician.com to get it. One of the multiple streams of income I talk about is related to session work that you can get online by having a home studio. 

My friends Angie and David, the owners of AirGigs, join me in this podcast. Whether you are a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, or if you specialize in other skills such as arranging or mixing, etc., the AirGigs platform is a user-friendly tool for diversification of income for musicians where you can offer your services remotely.

Tips On Maximizing AirGigs to Land Online Session Work

1. You can choose to offer various types of services like album artwork, audio editing, creating backing tracks, etc.

2. Take into consideration that you need to give more time to communication as compared to in-person bookings.

3. Be aware of other expenses (like electricity bill, equipment, maintenance of your gear, taxes) and wrap that into your price. 

4. Provide detailed terms for your listing such as, how many revisions are included, how long is the turn-around time for the project, and instructions to the buyer when they order. You can also indicate if pre-communication is important for you before the buyer places their order. It’s also good to mention your gear, your equipment, recording interface, etc. 

5. You can look at the components of a listing that is doing well and you can determine your own rate/price. Some include video introductions for a more personalized feel. Mention your skills in the video to highlight what you can offer.

6. It is important to specify what you specialize in. It could be a particular genre or an equipment you use. Including a sample of what you offer also helps.

7. The current biggest sellers on the platform include Vocals, Song Production, Mixing, Base, and Guitar.

8. You can also respond and send proposals to individuals posting opportunities with the forum page.

Links mentioned in this episode: Grab my new income guide at https://www.femusician.com.