Are you feeling out of control right now? Do you feel that you had your goals and plans and you know everything you have been doing and that suddenly, it’s all been turned upside down? A lot of us feel that there is so much in our lives right now that we can’t control, especially during the ongoing pandemic where we all have to stay at home. I want to discuss with you tools that will let you know that those situations do not need to dictate how you think, feel, or act in your life.

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Brooke Castillo developed the CTFAR coaching model that I will discuss with you. You can listen to her podcast at The Life Coach School Podcast.

The CTFAR Model stands for: Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results. Circumstances create Thoughts. Thoughts create Feelings. Feeling creates an Action on your part. That Action, in turn, leads to a certain Result. This model teaches that no matter what the C (Circumstance) is, you have the ability to change things along the way so you can control your Actions and Results.

1. Control the way you think.

You can train your mind to think differently so you can expect different results.

2. Control the way you show up.

If you are strong in what your values are, it should not be shaken by the circumstances.

3. Control your attention.

Focus on matters that are inspiring and uplifting. Take in what you need to but protect your mind and heart.

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