In this episode, I am excited to feature some of my Academy students wherein they share their experiences on how they are becoming proactive in this situation and the results they are getting from it.

Being Proactive is producing a result that you can control especially in an uncertain situation. It’s important to be a proactive musician and proactive business owner anytime instead of being reactive to things.

Being Reactive is going in a reverse direction. This pandemic has already impacted us and the last thing we want is going further in the reverse direction.

Examples of Proactive Mentality During this Time:

  • Getting out of our comfort zone and trying new things
  • Learning a new skill or improve a skill they already have

Examples of Reactive Mentality During this Time:

  • Completely shutting down when communicating with your fans
  • Not trying to new things
  • Thinking fans will not come on board if they try a new platform

I know that if you are listening to this podcast, you are not that negative kind of musician and I want to give you some inspiration from my students on what they have been doing during this time as well as the results they are getting so far.

Cayla Brooke, a singer/songwriter from Vancouver BC Canada as well as a Keynote Concert Speaker

  • Started doing online concerts and has created her very first online workshop
  • Gained new fans, connected with existing fans and made money

Adrienne Cat, professional singer for many years

  • Started doing Facebook Live for Senior Care Facilities and Fans
  • Gained new fans/followers and more senior care facilities got interested

Gail Gallagher, a Chicago-based musician with a genre of musical-theater inspired folk-rock

  • Started performing live once a week and hosting open mic; Also attempting to produce her own album; Starting her singer/songwriter career
  • Connecting with her musician friends all over the world, Building excellent foundations for her singer/songwriter career


  • Going live on Facebook and Instagram; Having a virtual tip jar which she linked to her own website
  • Fans are loving it and she’s getting donations

Colleen Kitchen

  • Going lives and tutorials not just about music but other things as well; Working on her guitar skills and encourages her husband to learn OBS so she can better live videos of her

Beth Matthew

  • Facebook Live Concerts, Creating and Scheduling Facebook Live Events, Sending Emails to her Email Lists
  • Earned income, concerts have received a lot of engagement, getting new fans

Carlene Thissen

  • Working on a New Book, Belong to a Singer/Songwriting Performing Group where they recorded and posted covers of each other songs. She’s gotten rave reviews about the 2 songs she covered and got included in a Set List. Signed up for Guitar Workshop

Carol Nicodemi, long time Academy Member living in the heart of the pandemic in New York

  • Rising up to the challenges of the current situation. Creating and sharing videos and songs from her apartment in Queens, New York
  • Bringing more engagement and more fans, more honest and self-searching and made herself a better songwriter and singer

Steffani Timmerman, an art teacher by trade and preparing to have music as her career after retirement

  • Started doing more Songwriting classes and Guitar lessons

I hope you have been inspired to be proactive during this time. Go to my free class to know more about the Musician’s Profit Path Method that I teach in the Academy. Get more information at

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