As part of the Embracing the New Music Economy series I have been doing, my friend, Fiona Flyte, talks about diversifying income on this episode, as well as discuss insights on how she uses content marketing and Youtube as a musician.

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Fiona wanted to be a singer since she was a child. When she was 13, her glee club teacher told her that she had a voice that could sing opera. She sang opera and loved musical theater at the same time.

She finished liberal arts then studied in the conservatory of music. She took up a young artist program and was also a music teacher. She previously had this notion that she is less of a performer and was not successful if she’s not able to earn her full income as an opera singer and that she still has to work as a music teacher. She eventually came to realize that that was not true and she was actually successful during that time — even popular celebrities are diversifying their incomes too.

Back then, she ran a brick and mortar voice studio. She already had this idea that there were many more possibilities online for her career but she was scared of social media and the online world. After she attended the recent Profitable Musician Summit, it became an eye-opener for her. She never gave up her singing and love of musical theater but she now understands that diversifying her income will give her the lifestyle she wants for her family. So now, apart from being a performer, she’s also a passionate business coach.

She now has a Youtube channel where she creates videos of her as a performer and a business coach. Fiona considers herself a “singerpreneur”. For her it means being creative, thinking outside the box, leveraging social media, and diversifying her income. It is considering singing as her business.

She enjoys Content Marketing, especially on Youtube. It can also be done from different platforms for like Instagram live or podcasts, etc., depending on where you’re comfortable as a musician and where your audience is. Another thing she uses for content is doing cover songs. Especially during this time of the pandemic, it’s great to diversify and be able to tap into different aspects of yourself.

Fiona has started a Facebook group called “The Profitable Performer” where she discusses growing and leveraging your Instagram bio and understanding how to use Instagram in a way that will help you monetize it. Fiona is passionate about teaching the three M’s — Mindset, Marketing, and Monetization. She believes that we need to uplevel our Mindset and Marketing to increase our Monetization.

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