My goal when I started this podcast in 2015 was to help female musicians become an entrepreneur. I did an upgrade to our Income Guide and you can grab that right on the front page of

We are celebrating our 200th episode and I have decided to talk about money. I want to talk about the mindset side. I have learned that no matter how many practical things you know, if you have not conquered the mindset side over money, either you lose money easily or you block money from getting to you.

I want to talk about Money Blocks – I highly recommend the book, “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero – it’s really eye-opening on beliefs we have about money that are keeping us stuck. We have these beliefs about money that we don’t realize are actually not facts. I want to bring up some common ones that musicians face and I want you to listen with an open mind and think “Are these things that I might be thinking deep down about money?”


#1: Money doesn’t grow on trees.

  • This means that money is a limited resource.
  • Thinking this way makes you hesitant or guilty to sell.
  • Money is just an exchange of value. If others think that what you gave was so valuable that they wanted to give you money, you’re taking that experience to support you away from them if you think this way.

#2: Money is the root of all evil.

  • Thinking that money only comes to the greedy or thinking that money makes you a bad person.
  • Money just amplifies what you already are.

#3: You can’t be an artist and make money.

  • Thinking that you only want to help people with what you’re doing and not make money from it.
  • Money is just a means to an end. It allows you to put your message further.

#4: Money can’t buy happiness.

  • Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you choices. Those choices can bring you happiness and it can make your life better.

Probe and think if you have these deep-seated beliefs. Changing my mindset has really allowed me to have abundance and my business has grown.

I want to know your thoughts about this touchy subject. I would love to know what you guys think. Find this on our at the top episode and leave a comment. Or you can also leave me a speak pipe at I would love to hear your thoughts on money, music, and abundance.

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