Over the years, I have become known for helping musicians become more focused, more productive, use time more wisely, deal with distractions and get rid of stuff that don’t serve you. I love talking about this kind of stuff especially since the year is ending and we’re looking forward to the new year.

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Do you pride yourself on being a highly-creative musician with tons of great ideas? For musicians, having too many good ideas can steal your time, divide your focus and keep your stuck and broke. You may actually end up with unfinished projects and half-baked plans.

I’m going to show you how the plethora of ideas you have is actually your worst enemy and how it’s putting the breaks in your career momentum, and what to do about it. This process has been incredibly helpful for my Female Musician Academy members. It’s helped them maintain focus, create clarity and actually build momentum in their music career.

As creatives, we are often praised for our ingenuity and imagination and I know we mostly consider this our greatest strength, but some of time, it becomes our greatest weakness. We have a limited amount of resources to work with, especially our time. We only have so much time to spend so we need to be very intentional on what we choose to spend our time on. When ideas creep in, it can take us off course. We need to figure out a way to harness them.

The other thing that can happen is you can get ideas by watching other artists and you want to add those things to your plate, which actually dooms what you’re currently doing to the unfinished pile. The biggest problem with this is not just the time management issue, or not just that it is dooming what you currently do, but also that you are adapting something that you don’t know if will work for you. The artist may be in a different stage than you. You need to assess anything you add in your plate in that way but decide if it fits to your current plan and goals. If it doesn’t fit, you need to put it in a place, where you can come back to it when it’s already applicable for you.

What to do with your ideas:

Create an inspiration vault. Keep the ideas for safekeeping so you can access them at anytime when it’s the right time. You can use a notebook, your phone, or anything else where you can write it down and not forget it.

When to access those ideas:

When you are ready to do your next 90-day goals, you pull out your ideas and put them on your brainstorming document and decide if they fit in to what you want your goals to be in the next 90 days.

If you ever felt pulled in a million different directions by your goals and end up accomplishing nothing, the bootcamp can definitely help you. Go check it out at femusician.com/bootcamp.

Link mentioned in this episode: femusician.com/bootcamp