This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

Audrey Callahan shares her journey of music career transformation through TikTok, highlighting its role in boosting her confidence, songwriting skills, and brand establishment. Raised in a musical household, Audrey initially pursued web development but later returned to music, drawing from her business experience to navigate the industry. She found a niche in cheerleading music, which sustained her during slow periods. TikTok’s format enabled her to connect authentically with audiences, leading to viral moments and a clearer artistic identity as a “high-vibe” artist. Audrey leverages her platform for positive messaging and explores diverse content, including rap and song rewrites with uplifting themes. Despite challenges and age-related criticism, she emphasizes the importance of persistence and authenticity in pursuing one’s passion. Audrey also discusses monetization avenues like Patreon and reflects on her career’s evolution and future aspirations. Throughout her journey, she emphasizes the value of self-expression and staying true to one’s creative vision.

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