This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

Fiona, a classically trained opera singer and singing teacher, shares her frustration with the struggles of many artists, including her students. She decided to change this by studying social media and online business to become financially independent and creatively autonomous. The Profitable Performer Revolution was born as a result of this shift.

Precedents and legal boundaries are being set in terms of contracts and negotiations, impacting the entertainment industries and across all industries. The Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA Union have been on strike in Hollywood, shutting down all production. This is important for musicians and performing artists across the board, as people may not support the striking actors and writers, but rather the people in the union across the country.

The same issue is happening with musicians, who are often stripped of the possibility of making a middle-class income. In Hollywood, working-class actors are trying to make a good middle-class income, which is being stripped from them. The way in which people perceive a musician as successful is not necessarily true.

Fiona’s journey highlights the importance of understanding the struggles faced by working-class artists and the need for financial independence and creative autonomy. By leveraging social media and online business strategies, artists can become financially independent and creatively autonomous, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and successful career.

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