This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

Music data analytics is crucial for musicians to navigate the ever-changing music industry. By understanding the algorithms that govern platforms like Spotify, independent artists can leverage these algorithms to gain exposure to new audiences and strike a balance between artist-curated niche playlists and algorithmic playlists. Madelynn Elyse, founder and president of Shark Attack Records, shares her experience with how she started the label in 2016 as an independent artist.

Elyse’s journey began when she was dropped by her manager and stopped doing music for a while. Her friend Eric Calvert, a music supervisor, suggested that they use social media to get paid more opportunities for artists. This led to a spiraling interest in marketing and data analysis, which eventually led to success in the music industry.

Shark Attack Records has secured major labels like League of Legends, Gibson, and ABC shows. However, Elyse now works in the marketing world, focusing on building value for artists by growing their social numbers and streaming numbers. This allows them to negotiate better deals with various companies, not just Sync.

When it comes to advertising music, Elyse has found success in targeting specific sounds and collaborating with liquor companies like Target. Target does this quite a bit, and they are looking for artists with X amount of thought and a specific sound. Overall, music data analytics can help artists navigate the ever-changing landscape of the music industry and achieve success through effective marketing strategies.


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