This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

In this conversation, Bree Noble interviews Chris SD from Sync Songwriter about music licensing and sync placements. Chris shares his background in music, his journey from being a musician to a producer, and how he discovered the world of sync licensing. He explains the concept of sync licensing, where musicians license their music for use in TV, film, ads, and other media.

Chris emphasizes the importance of authenticity in music and advises against creating music specifically for sync. He discusses the potential income streams in sync licensing, including sync fees and backend royalties. The conversation covers topics such as the popularity of different genres in sync, the possibility of presenting cover songs for sync placement, and the level of production needed for successful sync licensing.

Chris also mentions an upcoming event, the Sync Songwriter Music Supervisor Panel, where industry professionals will answer questions and provide insights into the world of sync licensing. The host encourages the audience to attend the event by visiting

Overall, the conversation provides valuable information for musicians interested in understanding the dynamics of sync licensing and how to navigate the industry effectively.

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