This episode was previously published in the Profitable Musician Show.

Kami Lewis Levin discusses the concept of work-life balance, a topic that is often discussed as a challenge for women and mothers. She shares her background as a professional balancer, a college professor, and a company owner. She believes that work-life fit is more realistic and achievable, as it allows individuals to make their lives fit together in a way that feels like the life they want to live.

Levinn’s previous career was as a dancer, but she stopped dancing after an orthopedic surgeon advised her to have surgery and stop dancing. She later worked in education, focusing on K-12 education, where she discovered her passion for adult learning and began coaching and leadership development work. She found that working moms struggling with their work-life fit were her favorite clients.

Levinn’s experience as a working mom leader led her to feel a calling to support women in this arena. She was promoted quickly in a nonprofit without support for leadership development, and she had never managed or supported a team. This situation was stressful and led to a serious pneumonia outbreak. The illness left a scar on her lung, making her rethink her priorities and priorities in balancing work and life.

Levinn emphasizes that work-life fit is not a real thing, but rather a concept that can be achieved through effort and determination. As a working mom leader, she has experienced stress and challenges in managing her work and personal life, but she remains committed to helping others achieve their best lives.

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