This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

In this episode with Gerard Longo, the Founder and CEO of ECM Collective, discusses the importance of embracing entrepreneurship in the music industry. He shares insights into what sets one apart from others and how technology and AI can enhance creativity.

Longo’s journey in music began with his podcast, The Quinn Spinn, which gained popularity in 2023. He needed an outlet to showcase his work and connect with other creatives. He started by listening to old episodes from his college radio show and deciding to feature music and musicians. He then turned to Twitter and found musicians to feature on the platform. This led to a thriving community of musicians and artists.

Once his corporate job contract expired, Longo became an independent creative full-time, forming a kinship with many musicians and other creatives in his community. The Quinn Spinn had its OG run in 2013, 2014, and 2015, with a team of co-hosts who have since returned. He took a break and took the show in his direction, as everyone’s life changed.

Longo relocated to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, from New Jersey, where he attended college. He now runs ECM Collective, connecting musicians with entrepreneurs and other creatives. The podcast has grown significantly, with a focus on highlighting and featuring music and musicians.

In conclusion, Longo emphasizes the importance of embracing entrepreneurship in the music industry to stand out from the crowd and find their creative space. By understanding the challenges faced by musicians and embracing entrepreneurship, musicians can thrive in the competitive music industry.

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