This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

Arden Kaywin, a classical singer, shares his journey from traditional training to becoming a successful opera singer. He attended Oberlin Conservatory and Manhattan School of Music, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Classical Voice and Master’s in Classical Voice. He also participated in young artist programs and sang with the San Francisco Opera Young Artist Program and the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis.

However, his passion for opera led him to burn out during this time. The classical training emphasized perfectionist views on singing, instrument use, and creating art, which were not aligned with other aspects of music like technique, performance, practice, language, and 200 years of history.

At this stage of his career, he was struggling to bring his unique artistry to the opera world, as he was constantly being judged by the conductor who treated him poorly. This led him to feel burnt out and unsatisfied with his current role.

At that point, he was recording for a soundtrack for a film, which was his first experience in the commercial music world. He had written pop music but didn’t share it with anyone, as it was considered a hobby for an opera singer.

Arden had a great experience singing on a female film scorer, who was more of a scorer than a songwriter. They got along well, and Arden learned to balance his passion for opera with his desire to create something new.

In conclusion, Arden Kaywin’s journey from classical training to the opera world has been a fascinating exploration of the best practices for singers to achieve success in their careers.

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