This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

Robina and Scott Barker, founders of RobottWorks, share their journey as musicians trying to navigate the music licensing and sync world. Robina, born to successful classical musicians, initially pursued music as a hobby but eventually decided to pursue it as a career. She spent over a decade as a professional actor, including being a live-action reference model for Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. This experience has informed her current pursuit of a music career.

Robina’s background in the film and TV industry has also influenced her career path. She started as a serial entrepreneur, running various businesses, including a dog daycare. After selling the dog daycare years ago, Robina decided to experiment with music and experiment with digital production. She realized that she could make music without hiring an orchestra and had to learn how to use the DAW and other digital tools.

Robina’s experience in the film industry has informed her approach to the sync music field, as it is still part of the film industry when it comes to sync licensing. She has also run a dog daycare business, which she now uses as a platform for her music.

Robina’s experience in the sync music industry has helped her understand the challenges and opportunities available in the music licensing and sync music fields. By learning from her experiences and incorporating digital technologies into her business, Robina can take control of her sync licensing career and help others succeed in the music industry.

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