Launching your online program can be daunting. But the rewards definitely outweigh the difficult stuff, the doubts and fears you may be experiencing. We’re going to talk about some of the reasons why people feel they are not ready to launch. We’ve discussed these with people and we’ve uncovered what’s really holding them back. Listen to hear how we overcame some of this during our first launches and how we want to support you to help you move forward with launching that program you’ve been dreaming about.

I’m going to share my own story about launching the Female Musician Academy with you. I started my podcast in 2015. I knew I wanted to serve female artists. I had some idea how I wanted to do that. At some point, you need to create that leap but I didn’t know how to do that. I didn’t have anything created and I was thinking I had to have all this stuff before I started. My coach asked me “why” and that question blew my mind. I already had the people’s trust. I can offer it at a really low price and I can create the course as we go. I had a 2-3-week launch wherein I just talked about it all the time. I had 18 people enroll by just being honest with them. It was like group coaching at the start because it was only a small group of people. I was held back for months and months about what platform should I use. I thought that that was the key to success. Those were reasons a lot of people feel they aren’t ready. I am so glad I did it. You just really need to go for it. The key to my success here is jumping into things at the deep end before you are ready and learning how to swim as it’s happening.

One of our students in Out to Launch was doing private coaching and she felt that she needed things to give them. It was a block to push through and we were able to push her through it. Sometimes it is really just about building confidence in yourself and trusting yourself that you are able to do it.

There was a time I was bringing in a lot of experts then I realized more people were turning out when I spoke to them. This comes down to an identity thing because I had been where they are and I had somehow walked in their shoes. I didn’t have to be some big-name or some big reputation.

Katie didn’t really do a proper launch but for her, the first thing really is to take the leap. The big key is she put herself out there where she knew she had a coach who can back her up if she gets asked questions she didn’t know the answer to. If you put yourself enough out there, someone will disagree with you. 

In order to have a successful launch, you also need to have this place of authority. Some of us will think how can we have this authority when we haven’t really done it. In the beginning, you have to fake it till you make it.  You have to believe in yourself and have that confidence. You have to start somewhere and pull forward that feeling of knowing things. We actually had a student who is already an authority in an area and was launching things in another area, so she has to pull forward that authority from that first place she was used to, into that new place she is launching. Authority is basically showing that you walk the walk and you talk the talk. A big part of that is being unapologetic because people will sense that. Knowing your worth is important.  Rejection is something you need to get comfortable dealing with.  That’s why having that support during the launch is so important because you need to not let those feelings take over you when you show up. You have to remind yourself why you’re good so you don’t let other people let you down.

The good thing about Out to Launch is that Katie and I both had to learn from coaches that are not from the music industry and we had to adapt our learnings appropriately. It’s all about knowing your market.

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