Out To Launch students share their transformational stories involving progress, personal change, and challenges that they overcame during the program with me and fellow coach Katie Zaccardi.

Katie Zaccardi and I are currently opening our 4-month group coaching program for online music coaches to profitably launch their online coaching or teaching program, Out to Launch. You can head to katiezaccardi.com/outtolaunch. You can check out the whole sales page, read more details and the link for the application call will be right there too. In this episode, we’ll be sharing unprompted testimonials from our students.

The first feedback is from Natalia Farann. She felt that the abstract thing of creating a course has now come on the way and she now knows exactly what to do. She felt really supported and also made friends with the group. The biggest takeaway of all for her is that what people want to connect with is what she has to offer. The main thing is imparting her knowledge in her own unique style. Leaving something behind is why you want to do it. Other people may teach the same thing as you but there is always something unique that you offer.

The next one to share is Cece Otto. She is a musician and historian. She sings and tells stories using vintage music. She shares important stuff about the community aspect of the program as well as choosing to do it right now.

We also talked about the long game and rushing it. Building and growing a business will take some time. It is important to keep a healthy mindset as you go along, to know that you are not alone and that you are on the right track even if everything doesn’t go perfectly along the way, or even if you want your timeline to go a little bit faster.

Next up is Ann-Marita and she talks about moving from teaching in-person to teaching online and starting from scratch in a lot of ways in what she went through. Follow her on @singing_and_healing for holistic vocal coaching tips. She’s learned so much and is so glad to have the option of teaching in-person when she’s in the US and teaching virtually when she’s not.

Faith Rumer also shared about getting so much value from the course, especially since Katie and I went through everything they were going through so we had something to share.

If this sparked inspiration and motivation, this is your call to apply for Out to Launch and be among those who have their transformational stories.

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