Our community managers in the Female Indie Musician Community share how they have been through ups and downs in their career and what they do to constantly renew their passion to keep going with their music career.

Cayla’s Points

1. We’re our biggest supporter.

You have to be your biggest supporter.
Not your spouse or anybody else, but yourself. You are your biggest cheerleader.

2. Excitement is a feeling but we have to bring our own energy to our career.

Excitement is just a feeling, and feelings pass. We need to bring our own energy into our career. Fear and excitement has a thin line between them. You can choose what you want to feel.

3. What energy are we bringing?

Ask yourself what kind of energy you bring into your career. Changing your idea about the energy that you are bringing will move you forward.

4. Find a community

Find a community to cheer you on and give you a boost when you need it, but with the understanding that you still bring the energy to yourself.

5. Try something new

Trying new things sometimes causes anxiety, so you really need to know yourself to be able to control how you are feeling.

Beth’s Points

1. Why did you lose your passion?

Realize and recognize what it is that caused you to lose your passion. Maybe there were circumstances such as having aging parents or being a new mom. Maybe you were doing something that wasn’t bringing you joy and burning you out.

2. Release unhealthy expectations & habits

Think about what would happen if you release your unhealthy expectations and habits in your music career. Sometimes, having these can affect us and lose our motivation. Our expectations can cause us to shut down and protect ourselves. It may cause us not to want to share our music with the world. Learn to embrace the journey.

3. Do what you love most with your music, and focus on the ONE thing that you’re most passionate about

If you lost your passion, do what you’re most passionate about. If it’s singing, then sing. If it’s writing music, then write songs. Pick an area that is the top priority that you love about music. It doesn’t mean that it has to bring income in, but it’s going to renew your passion of why you love music in the first place.

4. Redefine success

Success is different for every artist. Only you can define it for you. If you have a tendency to compare yourself, what you see outside may not be what is in the inside.  Go out there not to sell but to serve. Courage is fear that has set out its prayers.

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