Today we answer a question we get all the time from artists who are starting a coaching or teaching career. The question becomes, how do I do this? Should I create another social media profile for my other pursuits, including teaching and coaching, or keep it all in one? How do I do it in a way that is not so overwhelming. We go over the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best decision in managing your online presence for you.

We are assuming that at the very least, you already have a personal profile, public or private, on Instagram or Facebook. Most coaches and teachers use Instagram.

Here are advantages of having an all-in-one account:
1. It can be overwhelming to show up in more than one place.
2. You are the brand so people who follow you will most likely also be interested in whatever you offer aside from the music space. If your fanbase at large and your audience are people who will be interested in what you offer, it will make sense to do it on the same account.

Here are disadvantages of having an all-in-one account:
1. Worry about turning off your music fans
2. Your audience might get confused
3. If your ideal client and your ideal fans are different, they will have different interests
4. You don’t want to ghost one of your accounts if you fail to update the other account and may only be on the one account often.

Remember, whatever your decision is, you can always change your mind later.
The important thing about managing your online presence is to take action.

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