This is the time of year we know we should be grateful and thankful. But what if our circumstances are making it difficult to see the silver lining? Beth & Cayla give you some practical tips to help in finding gratitude despite your circumstances and we’re not naturally feeling the joy.

1. When we feel joy — it’s easy to be grateful.

2. When you’re not feeling grateful, acknowledge it — then uncover why.

3. Recognize armor we can wear to self-protect against pain-numbing, addictions, perfectionism…

4. Understand how vulnerability, joy and gratitude are connected.

5. Recognize what kind of gospel you are preaching to yourself. How is it affecting how you live?

6. Did I live today like it mattered?

7. Gratitude for my body

8. Gratitude for life

9. Gratitude for others

10. Gratitude for work

When we feel joy and our circumstances are going well, it’s easy to feel grateful but it can get hard when things get tough. Challenges are all part of life and we all experience them.

When we’re going through challenges, remember that we can choose how we react. Having a positive outlook helps in finding gratitude despite your circumstances.

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