I’ve discovered that being a true BOSS in my business and creating a musician business plan is a key ingredient to my success. After doing this in both my musician business and my online business, I immediately doubled my productivity and profit in the first 3 months. But it wasn’t always obvious to me why being a boss and having a working musician business plan is so important.

Do Musician Entrepreneurs Really Need A Boss?

I remember when I worked in the corporate world…

The word “boss” often had a negative connotation. Over the years I had some good bosses… and a few that, well, I still fantasize about cold cocking (seriously…there’s one guy that still appears in my nightly dreams and I finally get to tell him off and knock him silly!).

I recall thinking, “If only I could get out from under the thumb of a boss, things would be awesome!”

As I sat, struggling to focus, in my noisy, bustling open plan office (which often felt more like the waiting room in a doctors office than a work space), I wistfully pined for the day that I would walk away from that life and start my music career.

I just knew that when I was in control, when I could organize my own day and decide what I would do when and with who…my life would be bliss and I’d be wildly successful.

Well…as you can imagine…dreams are often way out of wack from reality

Fast forward a few years. I had exited corporate and started working on my music career. Even though I was doing it part-time (I had a 1 year old) I was raring to get new fans, write, record, book gigs, etc.

The problem…

I had no plan. Zero!musician business plan

I had no one placing expectations on me, creating goals and guidelines for me to follow, no one to report my results to…

After a week of wasting all my musician business allotted time on social media with nothing to show for it…I started to remember how much I would get done in my corporate job.

I’d juggle meetings and paperwork and networking and projects and nitty gritty details and big picture budgeting…all that…and at the end of the week, I could list off dozens of things I’d actually completed and was extremely proud of.

How did I do it?

Because I had expectations and a plan given to me (if not specifically, it was implied) by my Boss. And I was accountable to him to deliver tangible results to those expectations.

I realized…I needed a boss. And that boss had to be me.

I needed to create a musician business plan and be accountable to someone to follow through…myself (and a few choice others)


Being A Boss And Creating Your Musician Business Plan

This realization was so key for me. I knew I needed to learn to operate my musician career like a business, and in doing that…be my own boss.

That meant casting vision for the future, creating tangible goals for myself and mapping out the exact path I needed to take to achieve those goals.

So I became obsessed with the best system to do that.

And when I shifted my mindset from being a creative who follows her whim wherever inspiration may take her, to being a BOSS of a real business…that’s when the magic happened.

That’s when I doubled my productivity and income in just 3 months!

And then…the next year I tripled it!

But it all started with creating the system…the framework to guarantee I stay focused on what you NEED to focus on (and aren’t distracted by every exciting opportunity you see), the time management system that helped me get more done in less time and REALLY grow my musician business.

Building a Personalized System For Your Musician Business Plan

I know…the whole idea a creating a musician business plan may sound scary, yucky and even ludicrous. And it may sound completely overwhelming…

which is why I’m gonna break it down in bite-sized pieces for you. I’m gonna make it realy easy to get your system rockin’ and rollin’ in only 5 days.

And each daily training will only take you about 30 minutes to learn and do…which means by the end of 5 days…you’ll have the framework for your system built and ready to roll.

Super cool right!

So if you wanna stop flailing around, trying to do everything and really never getting anything DONE (I’ve been there and it’s depressing!) then jump on in with me and we’ll get this figured out for you.

Join me for the Free Training Experience:

Get More Done In Less Time & Grow Your Musician Business

musician business plan

Sign up here to work through this training with us next week, December 5 – 9. The training includes daily emails with juicy info and actionable tasks along with Facebook Live training videos inside our private Facebook group (be sure to join the group once you get your welcome email).

In this epic 5 day training, you’ll create a personalized time management system that will double your music productivity and profit over the next 3 months!

So sign up at www.FEMusician.com/challenge and be ready to become the kick ass boss lady of your musician business.

But be sure to sign up. That’s the only way you’ll get the training emails and Facebook Live videos that will show you how to create your musician business plan and become the boss of your career.

I can’t wait to see you and interact with you on the live stream training (hope you can make it at 11 AM Eastern daily) but if not the videos will be available in the group to view later.

I can’t wait to unleash your “inner boss.”

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