Emily Rose Morrison aka Emii in the music scene is one of the most talented people I’ve met. Can you believe that because of her passion for music, she left her hometown in Ohio for New York to strike out on her own at the young age of 18. What bravery! And she’s a shining example of how to create a fanbase starting from literally nothing.

How to create a fanbase

Now, she’s known for her pop and dance music including her hit “Magic” which captivated tons of music enthusiasts. She’s also done a lot of collaboration with influential people in the industry such as Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, and Iyaz among others. But in this interview, you’ll see that Emii, despite her massive industry cred, is a real person just like you and me. She’s passionate about staying true to yourself, your unique talents and joys, and not letting anyone tell you who to be or how to portray yourself other than being authentic.

How to Create a Fanbase & a Career in the Music Industry

  • One answer to how to create a fanbase is to go viral. A viral phenomenon is like a trend
  • Focus on creating something sustainable and continuous
  • How to create a fanbase – it requires absolute determination, passion, and a lot of hard work
  • Tap into what is “You” as an artist. ALWAYS be unique and authentic.

Lessons Learned from Watching Other Performers

  • Proper mic technique
  • Presentation is everything
  • The importance of physical fitness in performing

how to create a fanbaseConnecting with Your  Audience

Emii is a pop star for all walks of life, but especially her fellow science fiction geeks and Marvel comic super fans.

On top of that, she’s a mistress of martial arts!

But before you think you know her…if you listen to the interview, you’ll see that she’s one of the most down-to-earth pop stars I’ve ever met.

  • How to create a fanebase – there’s no one-size fits all. Everybody connects on a different level.
  • Getting resistance from industry professionals about her “nerd stuff” not appealing to her pop demographic
  • Learning how to create a fanbase involves understanding that people want to know you
  • Connecting on non-music things like martial arts

Age and the Music Industry

how to create a fanbaseThis subject is something that really ruffles my feathers!

I know artists who have been told that their career was teetering on the edge of a cliff at age 26…

I’ve got students who were informed by some smug industry rep that it was time to throw in the towel at age 29…


I didn’t even start a serious music career until I was 34.

Today’s podcast guest, Emii, busts this myth wide open. She’s in her 30s and killing it in the music scene right now.

And she’s got a few choice words to say to those who think age is a hindrance to success.

And a few really encouraging words to those of you who think age is holding you back (and yes, even those in your “golden years” need to listen to this…)

You won’t believe the story she tells about being encouraged to “fudge” her age…Be sure to listen through to the last half of the interview to catch her epic “rant” on age-ism and other “isms” that have threatened to put her in a box and strip her of her uniqueness and authenticity.

  • Age doesn’t matter
  • We all have something to offer no matter what our age. We have value because of our age and experience, not in spite of it.
  • Refusing to shave a few years off her age
  • Do music on your timeline

Final Thoughts

I hope this interview will inspire you to cherish and flaunt your own unique take on music and life and the value it brings to the world through your art.

Now channel your “inner rebel” and fiercely guard your individuality and personal truth as an artist.

The world need YOU!

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