Here to talk with us about music opportunities is Anni, a Finnish singer and songwriter. She is a firm believer that staying true to herself and trusting her intuition was the way to her success.

Anni believes music can make all of us better. She has been working on a project called Seize the Song where she writes songs for artists across Europe and the Middle East, giving them music opportunities and connecting with them through music.

music opportunities

Lessons Learned from Getting Signed to a Record Label

This is something I’ve heard from so many artists who have been signed. Don’t just rush blindly into music opportunities. Step back, use your intuation and decided it is also feels right for you.

  • Listen to your intuition when you’re gut tells you something isn’t rightmusic opportunities
  • You have to be clear on who you are as an artist
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Sometimes a dream come true becomes a lesson learned

Studying at Berklee College of Music

Anni learned that learning structure actually equips you to be more creative in your writing.

  • When you have all the tools, chords, scales, and tools, then you are really free to express exactly what you want to express.
  • Educating yourself is a good thing
  • Immersing yourself in music in every way helps you better understand what you are doing.
  • Built an international network of musiciansgetting-something-done-music

Transitioning to Full Time Musician

  • Creating a sense of urgency in her career
  • Taking action daily to move her career forward
  • Having a day job relieved stress
  • Waiting until she had saved some money and felt more confident

Music Opportunities with Seize the Song Project

Anni is able to travel, see the world and connect with people in so many cultures through their shared love of music.

  • Partnering with a Finnish women’s magazine on the projectmusic-dream
  • Seize the Song shows how musicians and artists have an ability to create a space of trust, respect, curiosity, and openness.
  • Traveling the refugee route back to the Middle East and connecting with musicians
  • Traveling the world to write songs with local musicians

Books and Resources

Marie Forleo

Official Site Brendon Burchard. #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Robin Sharma

Seth Godin

Penny Pierce – Intuitive Way


@annimattila on Instagram and Twitter


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