Professional musician and fiddler, Katherine Moller, joined me to talk about how she has turned her passion from hobby to full time career.

Applying for grants, crowdfunding and just plain getting stuff done is what has catapulted Katherine Moller to the role of professional musician. As a student in my Female Musician Academy, Katherine is always celebrating the wins, no matter how big or small. She knows what it takes to reach her goals and is never afraid to find new and improved ways of doing things. Today, she shares her tips and tricks to help other female artists become professional musicians.

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Earning a Grant to Study Fiddle in Ireland

  • Applied to Canada for the Arts for the grantprofessional musician
  • Creating a selling point was that it was a cultural exchange between her  Canadian style fiddling and Irish fiddling
  • Figure out what the granting agency is interested in and tailor your grant request to that
  • Share how your project can help them reach their goal

Advice to Struggling Musicians from a Professional Musician

  • Expecting it would take 5 years to get established as an artist
  • Feeling like her career is slowly progressing in the right direction
  • You never know how long someone has been struggling to achieve the success that you actually see
  • Don’t compare where you are in your career with other artists because you didn’t see them when they were struggling and doing the ground work

Facebook Strategiesprofessional musician

  • Using Facebook ads to grow her email list
  • Consistently doing a Facebook Live show
  • Figuring out how to combine Facebook Live videos with Facebook ads
  • Created geographically targeted Facebook ads for her CD release show

Crowdfunding Campaign

  • Managing her crowdfunding campaign was a full time jobprofessional musician
  • Discovered that many people would donate a higher dollar amount without additional rewards
  • Surprised by the large percentage of people that donated that she had not actually met
  • Used Ariel Hyatt’s book on crowdfunding as a resource to plan her successful campaign

Joining Female Musician Academy

  • Joined back in December 2016 during the “Get More Done in Less Time Challenge”
  • Spends an hour every week going through the material in the academy
  • You can join the academy and get info to help you at where you are in your career
  • Went back and learned the foundational elements that she missed along the way
  • In addition to education she receives, the women in the academy are a great support system

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