Nancy Moran was with us to talk about artist booking. As the co-founder of Azalea Music, she is a mentor to artists helping them pave the way for their music career.

Getting a late start in music and having worked her way through struggles hasn’t slowed Nancy down. She has spent a great deal of time helping with artist booking and showing artists how to get their music out to the world. She also shows artists how to book more and better gigs. Her and her husband, Fett, are hosts to a women-only clinic called Empowering Women in Audio where they show female artists all the things they need to know in order to create great sounding music. They get down to the nitty gritty and empower you to produce your own music. Their next clinic starts on July 27th through the 30th in Nashville. Spots are limited so make sure you register for this unique clinic.

artist booking

artist booking

The Importance of Networking in the Music Industry

  • Have conversations with actual peopleartist booking
  • Face to Face conversations made an enormous difference in her career
  • You’ve got to get out and press flesh
  • How meeting Christine Lavin at an event changed her career

Advice to Struggling Musicians

  • Feeling frustration about not quickly making progress in her career
  • Getting perspective by walking away
  • Finding clarity on what she wanted and how she would achieve it
  • “Do It Yourself” doesn’t mean do it all by yourselfartist booking
  • Do your own booking when you start to help you fully understand the business
  • Figure out what works for you and do that

Artist Booking: Non-Traditional Gigs

  • Expand your concept of what your career might look like
  • Expand your concept of what a gig might look like
  • Creating a Keynote Concert
  • Think about booking non-traditional venues like nursing homes, retirement communities, schools, and librariesartist booking

Mindset and the Music Business

  • Everyone at all levels of their career has limiting beliefs
  • Our beliefs limit us more than our actual abilities
  • We need support around us
  • Operate from an abundance mindset, not scarcity

Empowering Women in Audio Production Clinic

  • Helping female musicians learn the production process
  • Creating an experience, not just a class
  • Producing a song from start to finish
  • Understanding the creative decision making process
  • Teaching women to flourish in the studio
  • Clinic is from July 27-30, 2017 in Nashville, TN

If you are interested in attending the Empowering Women in Audio clinic coming up at the end of the month, sign up now to get exclusive early bird pricing.

artist booking

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