Expert in audio production, Fett, of Azalea Music talks about how he supports women in the music business and his clinic, Empowering Women in Audio.


For over 3 decades, Fett has been working in audio production. During that time, women were typically not seen in that side of the industry. Over the last three to five years, increasingly more women have been getting involved. Fett believes that women bring unique ideas and different sensibility to the table. Because of this, he and his wife, Nancy Moran, have come together to offer the Empowering Women in Audio clinic, a four day clinic where women come together to learn more about audio production and collaborate in a supportive environment. The next clinic is July 27th to July 30th. Join Fett and his wife, Nancy Moran, as they teach female artists the nitty gritty of audio production. They’ll get to the bottom of how to use audio software and tools to produce the best sounding music possible. You won’t want to miss this clinic. Click below to learn more and get exclusive early bird pricing that is no longer available. Be sure to use the code BREEZY997 to get a full $500 off!audio production

Women being dissed in the studio:

  • Men in production tend talk right to focus on other men in conversation, not female artists
  • Men not being helpful and making women feel smaller than they already do
  • Women’s opinions not being heard

Women in music production:

  • Giving them access to the knowledge that need to produce their own music
  • Working with women yields different results
  • Women tend to work collaboratively and have comradery

Women being empowered:

  • Natural female energy coming together
  • We have a culture that makes women feel submissive naturally
  • Creating a safe environment for women to come out of their shell
  • Giving women the confidence they need to work comfortably in the studio

Empowering Women in Audio Clinic:

  • Day 1: Pre-production, charting, set up
  • Day 2: Live session with the band, Q&A with the band, finish tracks, discussion with the band
  • Day 3: Mixing, build the mix from the bottom up, layering
  • Day 4: Mastering and wrap up, Q&A
  • Use BREEZY997 to get Early Bird pricing exclusive to this audience
  • Sessions are limited to 7 to 10 women so that everyone is involved

To learn more about the Empowering Women in Audio Clinic and get exclusive pricing, click the button below. The next clinic starts on July 27th and spots are limited. Use code BREEZY997 to get $500 off – the best deal anywhere and only for the listeners of Female Entrepreneur Musician.

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