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Maria Herrera, founder of Evergreen Entertainment, shares her journey in the music industry as a fan girl and has worked with various artists over the years. She started out as a fan girl and eventually joined Justin Bieber’s team, working on fan engagement, digital marketing, and merch campaigns. After moving to Nashville, she worked for several music PR firms and began working with independent artists, observing how mismanaged their budgets were due to the industry’s structure.

Herrera believes that there is a lack of accurate information for independent artists, especially right now. There are many more resources available today than when she started her first show in 2015. However, there is an increase in scammers and people who simply want to sell workshops that may not provide genuine tools for artists to make money. It is important to navigate the digital age and modern resources while being aware of the negative aspects.

Indie artists often fall into traps when they work with scammers, as they may present themselves as authentic but have ulterior motives. It is crucial for artists to know their intuition and have more experience to vet potential partners quickly. It is also essential to be honest with artists about their financial situation and to be transparent in their dealings.

Sometimes, artists may be offered services they don’t need right away, such as pitching or networking on their behalf. Business owners have the responsibility to be honest with themselves about these situations and to turn down money. In the long run, businesses should say no to these offers and be transparent, which can benefit both the artist and the business.

When working with artists, it is important to be flexible and understand their needs before they are ready to work with them. Evergreen Entertainment works with artists who are already well-versed in the industry and have had a few years of experience releasing music and performing shows. They don’t have to teach them about distribution or other aspects of the industry, as they can focus on producing polished projects and maintaining a professional image.

Branding is another aspect of the music industry that can be challenging for artists. Some artists may have a strong brand, but they may not have a strong brand presence. To address this issue, Evergreen Entertainment provides transparent, authentically passionate support, not just on the finance side but also through PR and digital marketing.

In conclusion, Maria Herrera emphasizes the importance of providing accurate information and resources for independent artists to navigate the business side of their careers. By being transparent and understanding the challenges faced by artists, businesses can create a better reputation and feel better about their work.

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