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Glory St. Germain, a music teacher and author, shares her journey of becoming an entrepreneur and a successful music teacher. She started teaching at the age of sixteen and has since become an author, writing over 60 books on music theory education. St. Germain’s success led her to create the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course for teachers, which is now available in 38 countries worldwide.

St. Germain believes that the world is changing rapidly, and she can help teachers grow into a six-figure business by teaching music theory online and offline. By diversifying her income streams, she can teach others how to do it as well. One way to make more money while teaching less is by teaching Music Theory Club classes. St. Germain discovered that learning faster when learning in small groups, known as the Cooperative Learning Theory, helps connect with others and make them feel more connected. This approach allows musicians to play, jam, and hang out with their musician friends, making them five times more money per hour than what they are currently making as a teacher.

The camaraderie she experienced while teaching music theory was also a great tip for her readers. If a music teacher is teaching piano, they can branch out and teach music theory group classes to all disciplines. For example, she taught string and horn students, who were not piano lesson students, to read music faster and become proud of themselves. This skill set allowed them to play other instruments too, taking them to the next level.

People want to explore different instruments, but having the skillset to understand music theory will get them there much faster. St. Germain emphasizes that people want to explore different instruments, but if they have the skill set to understand music theory, they will get there much faster.

When teaching beginners, St. Germain emphasizes the importance of understanding the full band score and orchestral score, as they differ from the piano score. This helps students learn to read music faster and be more confident in their abilities.

In conclusion, Glory St. Germain’s journey from music theory to running a successful music business has been a journey filled with challenges and opportunities. She has learned to adapt her teaching methods to fit the changing landscape and has developed a strong foundation in music theory education. By teaching music theory clubs and providing support to other musicians, she hopes to help others achieve success in their own music careers.

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