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Jess Robert, founder of, shares her background in the music industry and how it has influenced her passion for creating visual content for artists. She initially pursued a career as a special effects makeup artist before transitioning to behind-the-scenes work. Her husband, a videographer, taught her a lot about video and editing.

Jess noticed a gap in the market when she was shooting music videos and saw a need for lyric videos. They started servicing artists in their social circle and began creating lyric videos for them. This led to a snowball effect in the independent scene, leading to the creation of motion graphic accompaniments for people’s songs.

The company is more than just providing a song and then going from there. They brainstorm with artists to create a cohesive vibe for their marketing. Some artists already have single artwork or have shot a music video, and they can base the lyric video on that to ensure a cohesive vibe. This approach goes both ways, with some people knowing what they want from the company and others asking for guidance.

Jess Robert discusses the difference between a lyric video and a music video. A lyric video can be a substitute for a music video if the budget is not available for a music video. Music videos are often more expensive, and a lyric video provides a sense of connection and immersion for the audience. It also allows for the inclusion of famous people in a song without the expense of a full crew or location.

Another advantage of a lyric video is that it can be an additional piece of content for promoting a song. If a musician already has a music video, a lyric video can serve as an additional promotional tool for fans. It allows them to share the song with their fans and make it more memorable.

Jess Robert also discusses the different audiences that watch lyric videos on YouTube versus listening to the song on Spotify. People tend to experience the same song in different modalities over different platforms, and lyric videos are great for mega fans who want to absorb everything they can about the song. They can be shared on their playlist, but they also want to see it in different formats on different platforms.

In conclusion, Jess Robert’s background in the music industry and her passion for creating visual content for artists have led her to become a successful lyric video and animated video creator. She believes that both options are valid and can help artists promote their music effectively.


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