This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

In this interview, Bree Noble speaks with Ariane Paras of Olympia Coaching about the importance of mindset in the music industry. They discuss how mindset influences an artist’s profitability, emphasizing the need for confidence, overcoming fears, and embracing discomfort. Ariane shares her background in the music industry and personal development, highlighting the shift from working as a venue booker to becoming a coach.

The conversation explores the challenges faced by introverted musicians, providing tips on networking, self-promotion, and overcoming the fear of creating video content. Ariane emphasizes the significance of owning one’s artist identity and the power of gradually stepping out of one’s comfort zone. The interview delves into the cyclical nature of a music career, addressing the highs and lows and the importance of accepting challenges as part of the journey.

Ariane encourages artists to focus on the big picture, reminding them that temporary setbacks do not define their overall career. She discusses the impact of negativity bias and the need to shift focus towards progress, resources, and what is within an artist’s control. The conversation concludes with advice on recommitting to a music career, staying motivated, and remembering one’s purpose and impact on others.

Listeners are directed to Olympia Coaching’s website and Instagram for additional resources and a free consultation with Ariane. The interview provides valuable insights into the psychological aspects of a musician’s journey and offers practical advice for overcoming challenges in the industry.

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