Being the daughter of a legend, Carla Cooke always had a passion for music. At age 50, she began singing the best Sam Cooke songs, branched out into her own songs and started pursuing her music career.

Starting her full fledged music career later in life is proof that it’s never too late to follow your passion. Carla’s style embraces all sorts of music types. Her father, the legendary Sam Cooke, died when she was just 4 months old so she finds performing as a way to feel connected to him.

best sam cooke songs

Being the daughter of Sam Cooke:

  • Why she is pursuing her musical passion now
  • Choosing not to share that she is the daughter of legendary singer Sam Cooke
  • Embracing her father’s musical legacy later in her career
  • How singing the best Sam Cooke songs allows her to feel close to her father

best sam cooke songs

Creating a legacy of her own:

  • Relying on her faith to help her push through the struggles she faces as a musician
  • Finding her sweet spot of performing to venues that seat 250-300 so she can engage the audience
  • Proving herself on her own musical merit
  • Recording her first CD

best sam cooke songs

Finding success:

  • Being a part of the Daughters of Legends Tour with Robin Charles (Ray Charles) and Rhonda Ross (Diana Ross).
  • Growing her fanbase through social media
  • Engaging her audience at live shows by getting them to sing and inviting them on state to “Twist the Night Away.”
  • Selling CDs and merch at her shows is part of her income streambest sam cooke songs

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