Tara B takes the fear out of finding music gigs that pay by showing artists where to look, whether they are in a brand new market or getting back into the music scene.

Tara B has been a performing musician for 27 years with over one hundred gigs each year for the past 10 years. She knows a thing or two about starting over because she has moved a lot in her life. In this podcast, Tara goes over 3 ways artists can find gigs in new markets where the audience comes to them. To leverage these techniques, it’s a great idea to bring along business cards and CDs for purchase. The following environments are great for introducing yourself and passing out your information.

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music gigs that pay

3 Ways to Finding Music Gigs that Pay

Concert Series’ in parks

  • Concerts in parks (most cities and small towns offer a series like this in the summer)
  • google the city and go to the city website and look under recreation
  • contact earlier than the summer to get in for summer, also check for canceled gigs where you can fill in
  • typically book in January

Women’s Clubs

  • District clubs and websites
  • Can be hard to find contact number and email
  • Looking for artists to do these gigs
  • Best time to contact is in the beginning of summer when new officers are just starting

 Farmer’s Markets

  • Google Farmer’s Markets in your area
  • Not specific to summer in warmer climates (in colder climates, look for an indoor Farmer’s Markets)
  • Best time to book typically around March

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 music gigs that pay


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