Learn how vocal coach, Sally Morgan, developed her “Sing Like You Speak” method over time through her frustration and inability to find a system that worked for her.

If you’re looking to improve your singing voice, you need to check out Sally Morgan’s book, Sing Like You Speak. Her book and method are designed to restore effortless singing that is natural. After spending over $100,000 in voice lessons that still made her feel like her voice was trapped inside her body motivated her to write her book on contemporary voice technique.

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improve your singing voice

improve your singing voice

Developing Sing Like You Speak Teaching Methodimprove your singing voice

  • Spent over $100,000 on voice lessons and still felt her voice was trapped in her body
  • Learned teaching styles and how the voice worked
  • Breathing is the foundation of the whole thing
  • Applied what she learned from classical voice training to singer-songwriters

Bad Vocal Habits

  • Conserving Breathimprove your singing voice
  • Poor posture and slouching
  • Trying to sing like an artist that has had there voice electronically altered
  • Failure to warm up your voice

Healthy Ways to Warm Up Your Voice & Improve Your Singing Voice

  • Body Alignment – Your body is the instrument
  • Be aware of breath movementimprove your singing voice
  • Warm up with phrases of your songs.
  • Using your consonants activates the voice

Ways to Work with Sally

  • Teaches privately in NYC
  • Teaches on Zoom video conference
  • Teaches workshops at conferences
  • Runs online classes
  • Sing like You Speak Academy
  • Voice Builder Warmup Video
  • Certifies other teachers in her teaching method

Links and Resources

Singing and the Brain by Robert Shewan



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