Make progress in your music career by doing just 3 things each day that focus on music. Doing this can combat burnout and eliminate overwhelm associated with lengthy to-do lists.

The habits of a successful musician include doing just 3 things each day. That’s the way I made significant progress in my music career.

Including tasks that are related to my 90 day goals, I’m sure to make progress toward reaching those goals each day. Planning my days helps me feel less guilty when I am unable to get something done and kick burnout and overwhelm to the curb.

The best part is that the tasks usually take about 2 to 3 hours each day so there is plenty of time for self development and family.


Habits of A Successful Musician: Choosing Goals and Tasks That Create Momentum

  • Choose doable tasks that take an hour or less
  • During ongoing workflow (not during large projects such as launches, crowdfunding campaigns, summits or album releases)
  • Use a project management system such as Asana to plan weeks and track progress
  • Limit your timeframe on challenging tasks and bring it back the next day (ex. write a blog post (30 mins) and the next day revise the blog post (30 mins)

My Goals for Quarter 2:

  1. Profitable Musician Summit
  2. Grow The Academy
  3. Increase Traffic to Website
  4. Get More Publicity

Sunday: 1.5 hours

  1. Write & Send Academy Newsletter 
  2. Create Slides for Indie Interactive 
  3. Edit Training for Rick’s Program 

Monday: 1.5 hours

  1. Send Summit email with Freebies & Discounts 
  2. Do Indie Interactive
  3. Meet with Greg about SEO for site

Tuesday: 3 hours

  1. Record Musical U Podcast 
  2. Pitch 3 additional podcasts 
  3. Write ReverbNation Blog 

Wednesday: 2 hours

  1. Email about Podcast & Masterclass
  2. Prepare slides for Expert Workshop
  3. Tighten Up Masterclass slides

Thursday: 3-4 hours

  1. Run Expert Workshop 
  2. Attend Caitlin’s Class
  3. Attend Selena’s bonus class 

Habits of a Successful Musician Beyond the 3 Things:

Self Development

Building self development into each day through exercise, reading, classes, listen to podcasts, meditation, self care or whatever “self-development” is to you. It allows you to clear your mind from any clutter and creative blocks. Makes it easier to get things done and in less time.

Ongoing Admin Work

While ongoing admin work won’t necessarily push you forward in your music career, it is something that still needs to be done. Fit ongoing admin work in when there is more free time, putting priority on your 3 tasks. 


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