With limited space in the news feeds, Facebook is changing its algorithm once again to deter people from leaving the platform. Here are some quick Facebook strategies for musicians to use to combat this issue and get their posts seen by fans.

Advertising and un-engaging posts are causing people to leave Facebook so a new algorithm has been introduced, focusing more on facilitating conversations, discussion and community among users. This new algorithm will limit the real estate of profiles and pages that have low engagement to ensure users will stay on the platform by seeing content they can enjoy and interact with. With community in mind, here are some Facebook strategies for musicians that will keep their posts in the news feeds of fans.

Besides using Facebook, each musician should also have their own website and so I have partnered with BandZoogle for a contest to give away ONE YEAR FREE. Head over to here to enter. When you click the button, you will be brought to Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is click the button.  

facebook strategies for musicians

Things to stop doing in 2018:

  • Using posting schedulers. This new algorithm recognizes scheduled posts and downgrades them, assuming it’s not engaging content. Instead, try using Facebook’s scheduler.
  • Sending people off of facebook to promote blogs, podcasts, etc. Post these directly on Facebook.

Facebook strategies for musicians in 2018:

  • Ask a lot of questions, create videos and graphics to encourage interaction
  • Post less – focus on one really great post, video or Facebook Live.
  • Go Live to talk about something specific and ask questions that your audience can respond with.
  • Groups remain uneffected by the new algorithm. Keep groups if you already have them and consider creating one if you don’t
  • Incorporate your page link into posts
  • Use Facebook Messenger in a way that’s engaging- don’t spam and ask people to buy things
  • Encourage fans to mark themselves “send first” so Facebook knows to show them the content
  • Explore other platforms and consider putting some time into those platforms (Instagram)
  • Use Facebook ads – lots of freedom because you are paying

Remember, we are using Facebook’s real estate and as such, we have to play by their rules. Because of this, each musician should have their own website. I recommend using BandZoogle. To win a year free of BandZoogle, go to femusician.com/win. The winner will be announced February 7th on a workshop I am having with BandZoogle (attendance not required to win). Clicking the link will bring up a Facebook Messenger message, simply click button to win. Good luck!

facebook strategies for musicians


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