Finding the best concert venues can be a struggle for any artist. Lisa Lynne stopped by to share some of her own secrets that lead her to writing her brand new book.

Last time I met with Lisa Lynne, on Episode 27, she was just starting to write her book, How to Succeed at Self-Produced Concerts; A Guide for Performers and Presenters to Navigating a Successful Event. In the book, you’ll find her strategies described in depth and the templates and emails she uses in her music business. To get your own copy of the book, click the button below. For PayPal orders and for directions on how to get the book in PDF format, click the button below. Don’t forget to enter code “FEM” for 5% off!

best concert venues

best concert venues

How to Success with Self-Produced Concerts: A Guide for Performers and best concert venuesPresenters to Navigating a Successful Event

  • Purpose of this book is to open up more venues and to show artists how to take the responsibility in their own hands to make it happen
  • Learn how to pitch established presenters
  • Learn how to pitch alternative presenters and venues
  • Don’t wait for an agent. Do it yourself

Starting from Scratch

  • It is crucial to title your show in a way that draws interestbest concert venues
  • Create a strong byline that really says what your show is about.
  • Use compelling images in your marketing materials
  • Partner with a local charity or non-profit

Booking Your Own Shows

  • You need to be the one that connects directly with the presenter
  • Start the conversation with email
  • Present it as a risk free opportunity for them to make money
  • You need to try at least 3 times to get a response from the venue

Pitching Churches and Alternative Venuesbest concert venues

  • They need to hear that you are an excellent fit for their community
  • That you have a track record of filling this size room
  • That you are willing to take on the lion’s share of responsibility
  • Create a show title they can really grab onto
  • Let the potential presenter know that you want to create a win-win so it is an equally shared endeavor

I highly recommend getting Lisa’s book for yourself and your music business. In addition to the strategies we talked about on the show, you’ll also have access to her templates and emails that she uses. Click the button below to get the book. Don’t forget to enter code “FEM” at checkout to get a special 5% discount.

best concert venues



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