Sara Giita is no stranger to treatment for strained vocal cords and other artist injuries. She has dedicated the last ten years to teaching ergonomic injury preventative technique in her private piano and voice studio.

At the age of just 19 as a piano major, Sara Giita, suffered a playing related repetitive strain injury. She consulted different healers and regained her ability to play through a variety of healing techniques. Today she gives us some pro tips on dealing with symptoms and treatment for strained vocal cords and other artist injuries.

treatment for stained vocal cords

Strategies to Prevent Injury to Your Voice

  • Understand the anatomy of what is going on with your voicetreatment for strained vocal cords
  • Keep your voice in great shape
  • Think of vocal performance like running a marathon
  • Fill lungs to about 80% and use your diaphragm efficiently for a steady and easy airflow
  • Avoid tonal models and trying to sing like someone else

Tips for Instrumentalists to Avoid Injury

  • Take breaks while practicing to avoid injurytreatment for strained vocal cords
  • Most injuries are caused my inefficient repetitive movement
  • It doesn’t count as a break when you put down your instrument and pick up your phone
  • Incorporate stretching into your practice routine

Healthy Habits for Practicing and Performance

  • Be present with your voice or instrument as you are playing
  • Isolate singing and playing your instrument so treatment for strained vocal cordsyou can focus on your body when you practice
  • Paying attention to your body throughout the day is a key ingredient to playing in a healthy way
  • Be aware of your posture and alignment

Healing Chronic Pain Around Singing or Playing Your Instrument

  • Look for specialists that work with performing artists
  • Physical therapy can help with alignment
  • The Alexander Technique  – retraining your movement
  • Body Mapping gets into the mechanics of how you use your body when you play your instrument


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