Voice coach Wendy Parr is one of the country’s top coaches, having worked with many artists from their first voice lesson all the way to a Grammy Award. She shares how she helps each artist develop and maintain their signature style through holistic techniques.

As a voice coach, producer, mentor, award winning songwriter, and artist, Wendy’s unique approach uses holistic techniques to support the unique style and expression of each person she works with. Having worked professionally since the age of 8, Wendy knows a thing or two about the industry and immerses herself 100% in everything she does.

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Voice Coach with a Holistic Approach 

  • Helping clients see their potential
  • Helping them access undiscovered areas of their voices
  • Voice is so much more than technique
  • Working with artists to get them out of their comfort zonesvoice coach
  • Creating meditations to help students expand their sense of self

Helping Artist’s Bring Out Their Uniqueness

  • Your voice is the expression of who you are
  • Don’t let your habits determine your style
  • Clearing limitations allows you to come from a place of true creation
  • As artists, we have infinite possibilities of expression

The Importance of Being in vpAlignment with Your Voice

  • Most people aren’t singing in a way that is in alignment with their instrument (voice)
  • We need to activate the muscles required to use your different voices
  • Not being in alignment limits your ability to express who you are as an artist
  • By aligning your voice, you start to get the truer expression of who you are

Common Fears that Hold Artists Back

  • When you’re afraid of sounding “bad,” you’re not going to take any risks
  • Your singing becomes restricted when you focus on sounding “good”
  • Don’t be afraid to share your vulnerability
  • Don’t be pretend to be someone or something else


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