As more and more women are breaking into the recording industry, it’s time we hone in on studio skills and helping women feel confident in the studio. Fett is here for a second time talking about how to be looked at as a professional in the studio instead of an amateur.

Despite having professional studio skills, few women are household names outside of the recording studio. The number of females in the studio is rapidly multiplying and for good reason since women tend to hear things differently than men, giving them an advantage in the studio.

If you are ready to learn more about mixing, mastering, editing and more, check out Fett’s 4 day program, Empowering Women in Audio. Happening from January 25th through 28th in Nashville, the students will work on a real song and come away with more confidence and knowledge around studio recording. Use code BREEZY997 at checkout to get $500 off! This deal is only going until December 1st so don’t wait! Visit to learn more.

studio skills

Fett’s workshop at taxi Road rally

  • Played popular hits that were produced by women
  • Few women are household names outside of the recording studio
  • Women in recording are an entire pool of role models
  • Mostly men attended the workshop

Women with Studio Skills

A man leading an all female workshop

  • All women clinic helps so women don’t feel intimidated and ganged up on when in learning mode
  • Uses real world scenarios to teach (men in the recording studio)
  • No male students allowed
  • Fett starts as teacher role but switches to facilitator role

Empowering Women in Audio Clinic

  • A safe place for women to learn and ask questions
  • Women who want to be producers or engineers
  • Self recording artists and creators
  • Should have some kind of experience recording

If you become “the woman with the studio,” there is, undoubtedly, a client base that is looking for your services since women seek out other women in the recording studio. If you’d like to learn more producing music, then you should consider attending The Empowering Women in Audio Clinic, a 4 day intensive workshop that will teach you all things audio from song inception to completion. Use code BREEZY997 at checkout to get $500 off! Hurry because this sale price is only good until December 1st! Visit to learn more.

studio skills


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