Today, we met up with Kristin Chambers and Sarah Baker who have been up to some great things in 2017 and how it changed everything in their music careers.

Female indie artists, Kristin and Sarah, have both been able to get more into the recording and engineering of their own music this year. Thanks to Fett’s class, Empowering Women In Audio, they were able to gain the knowledge and find the courage to tackle the technical side of audio production. For more information on Fett’s workshop, visit To save $500 on the upcoming January workshop, enter code “BREEZY997” at checkout.

female indie artists

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Kristin Chambers

  • Became a songwriter while performing in theater
  • Joined songwriting group (GYAWS) that challenged her to write a song to a theme each week
  • Weekly piano lessons and performing piano in her band
  • Joined Taxi and met Fett and Nancy at the Road Rally
  • 2018 plan is to continue writing and work on a new album that was created by her songwriting class

Sarah Baker

  • Started writing songs in high school
  • Studied music in college and became interested in the technical side of it
  • Cut back on live performances
  • Focused on the creative side of songwriting
  • 2018 plan is to finish album and continue working through old tracks to make them sound more modern

How The Empowering Women in Audio Workshop Helps Female Indie Artists

  • Hands on work and experience
  • Women feel empowered to ask questions
  • Learn about different kinds of equipment
  • Lear how to create a great sounding studio without breaking the bank
  • Gives women courage to try new things in a male dominated industry

By recording at home, many female indie artists are able to recoup money spent on bigger projects.  You don’t need fancy gear to make a great sounding album, and Fett’s workshop can lead you in the right direction. Learn more about the workshop at and be sure to use the coupon code BREEZY997 at checkout to get  $500 off until Friday, December 1. The workshop is January 25th to 28th and only 5 slots are available.

female indie artists


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