The Search For Authenticity – Finding Your Voice & Living Your Passion with Erin Dickins

This is a fun, enlightening conversation with an Industry veteran and co-founder of Manhattan Transfer.


  • The amazing story of how she got started in the business and met the other founders of Manhattan Transfer.
  • What it was like to be an  in-demand studio singer in New York.
  • The well-known stars of the 80s that she worked with in the studio in New York in the 70s
  • The success of Manhattan Transfer and her feelings about not being in the group during their greatest success.
  • How she re-connected with the original group and recorded the CD “Java Jive”.
  • Finding herself after leaving the pressure of the New York studio scene
  • The call of the muse of music always draws us back to our passion.
  • How spiritual work helped her look at “quitting” as a new chapter and a chance to grow.
  • Not allowing fear to keep you from taking chances that could lead you to finding your voice and your true passion
  • How working with a group in her early career provided her with mentors and support.
  • How Leonard Cohen taught her about authenticity.
  • Amazing studio story about Valerie Simpson and the  oppressive environment that crushed individuality, creativity and uniquness.
  • How Erin chooses her music and only sings what truly speaks to her and reveals her heart and soul.
  • You have the ability as a musician to transform your audience by being a vehicle for joy.
  • Getting out of the “self talk” that happens on stage that tries to steal our focus.
  • Hanging out with Jim Croce and James Taylor before opening for James Taylor.
  • Performing on Saturday Night Live with Dr. John where she met Linda Ronstadt.
  • Her new project that combines cooking and music – “Sizzle And Swing” inspired by tunes on her “Java Jive” CD.
  • How her new project solved her problem with lack of bookings in the US.
  • How her new project brought her a new audience.
  • Her own excitement about her projects is usually her best promotion.
  • How she uses social media to connect with and grow her audience.
  • The role of traditional media, especially radio, in promoting her shows.
  • The value of Podcasting in promotion.
  • Promotion using fabulous images on Instagram.
  • How Facebook is limiting our connection with fans.
  • The role and power of Twitter in connecting and promoting.
  • Erin takes a selfie during our interview for Instagram.
  • Why she LOVES her accompanist.
  • Authenticity - selfie

    Erin took this selfie during the show.

Book Recommendations

Musicianship for the Jazz Vocalist
Voice and the Alexander Technique

The Cookbook

Sizzle & Swing: Jazzin’ Up Food

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