Interview Previews: Artist Development Services And Strategies in 2015

Artist Development ServicesIn this episode I give you a preview of the conversations I have with successful full-time female musicians about their unique artist development paths. I also discuss the state of artist development services in 2015 with a Music Industry veteran.

  • I talk to Milow The Girl about how age is just a number.  Contrary to the American Idol model, women over 30 have so much talent that should not be ignored by the industry. Just because you’re a little older doesn’t mean your music career is over.
  • Stop playing the comparison game.  Marina V talks about being grateful for what you have and celebrating your wins.
  • Erin Dickins suggests that you study accomplished artists and learn from their unique gifts and ways of approaching their art (as she did while touring with Leonard Cohen) to hone your craft.
  • I talk to Andrea Standley (former Warner Brothers Exec) about how artist development services are dead in 2015. You MUST be your own advocate, develop your craft and built a following to get the labels to notice you (if a label deal is ultimate goal).

If you haven’t listened to our first episode, you should definitely tune in to find out more about who this show is for, why I’m doing it and a little about my background as a musician and business woman.

Now go out and make great music, connect with your fans and grow your business!


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