Do you want to go from stuck to unstoppable in your music career? I’m excited to talk about five steps to become more proactive in your music career. Last episode, we talked about the things that are keeping you stuck, keeping you struggling and not moving forward. Now, we’re talking about how you can shift those things and become way more proactive in your career even if you got these circumstances that are holding you back. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can shift in both your mindset and action to keep yourself moving forward.

We talked about the reactive mindset wherein we’re waiting for other people to validate us, tell us that we’re good enough, give us the green signal that we’re ready to pursue a career in music or for our circumstances to change.

Step 1. Do not stay only in learning mode. The journey is the school.

You may feel that you always have to learn something new until you reach a threshold where you feel ready to take action. There is nothing wrong with taking courses or programs but you need to be able to apply it. Just like in college, you have projects, etc. so you can practice the things that you are learning. Joining groups and having people around you motivates and drives you. Knowing that others are also experienced what you are going through really helps you go from stuck to unstoppable.

Step 2. To go from stuck to unstoppable, do not shrink from haters and trolls.

You should consider haters as a badge of honor. 99% of people are not going to attack you, but if you put yourself out there enough, there will be 1% that are haters. Don’t be vanilla just because you’re afraid of haters. Don’t let them water down your message and your music.

Step 3. Do not be crushed under the weight of mounting to-do lists so you can go from stuck to unstoppable.

You have to get past this feeling. This kind of compounds from the first one since you’re not taking action. What this does is to stunt your creativity because you start feeling overwhelmed, pressured and not able to do anything.

Reactive artists tend to blame this on being right brained. You can mitigate that by setting systems in being productive. We also tend to blame this on our circumstances but we should approach them in a way that we’re taking control about whatever it is that you’re struggling with, you’re going to find a way. Proactive artists always know that they are one step closer to their goals. I advocate for 3 things per day but 1 thing a day is still moving forward.

Step 4. Do not associate fear with risk.

There is definitely risk involved to go from stuck to unstoppable in your music career. The reason people think it’s scary and not safe is they believe that failure is bad. If you don’t succeed, it is a stepping stone for success. That is what is keeping them from taking risks in their career because they fear failing. What if you felt that every failure that you have leaves you closer to your goals. If you pay attention, you learn way more from failure that you do in successes.

Step 5. Do not look for solutions but create your own solutions.

When I started my career, I had a 2 year old and typical gigs do not support how I need to be. Instead of complaining and thinking I’m not supposed to continue my career, the solution that I want is not out there but I’m going to make my own solution. What kept me going is that I was always scrappy and I was always creating solutions. They did not do things at facevalue and instead of being defeated by their circumstances, they come up with ways on how they can work within their current circumstances.

I’ve been talking a lot about reactive vs proactive. I’ve seen this with my students wherein they have all the knowledge but they’re not taking action. So much of it is mindset and it is only able to be changed through guidance of a coach, support from people doing something similar and support of accountability. I am really passionate about this and it is really important to me.

I have created the Musician’s Profit Path Accelerator to really make sure that artists get results. If you’re ready to become a proactive artist, this is a skill that you build and they stick with you. We’ll be starting in October and you can sign up now for the waitlist. I will be in touch in the next few days to let you know more about this program.

I believe so much in you and your music and I want to make sure that this happens.

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