If you’ve been trying to make progress in your music career and you see other artists getting traction, but your career feels more like one step forward two steps back…let’s talk about the one hidden obstacle that might be holding you back.

Today we’re gonna be talking about why you’re not making the progress you want to make in your career. I see this with my students in my Academy and RYNR program. They come in with so many dreams but they don’t seem to make progress and things seem to get in their way. I’ll be taking about what may be keeping you from making your own progress. I also went through these stages in my own career. I learned how to work with myself to push past things that are keeping me stuck. There is probably one hidden obstacle that you don’t know about that is keeping you from moving forward in your career.

1. Are you the kind of person who always thinks that you need to learn more? There’s so many things you think you have to learn and you don’t understand. You always think there’s a point you need to reach before you feel that you can start pushing forward.

2. Or maybe you have a lot going on in your personal life. You may have a full-time job, you may need to take care of your own family or you may be a caregiver at your home. You have a lot of things to do that you don’t know where to start.

3. You may be an artist who loves to perform but you are not sure if you are good enough to warrant a fanbase. You may always compare yourself with other artists. You are so afraid of judgement that someone is going to tell you that you are not good enough.

4. You’ve been making music forever but you feel so challenged with technology. You think that if only you can go back to the old ways of doing it, it will be much better.

What these situations do is to create this reactive mindset. All these things are holding you back in actually doing anything. The only way you take action is in reaction to something happening. You’re thinking, if only I can find someone to do this because I cannot do it because of some technical challenges. Or maybe you are waiting for permission or validation. You feel that you’re not good enough. You’re waiting for someone to tell you that you are talented enough and that you can do it. That’s very understandable because we used to have someone tell us that we’re good enough. As indie artist, we need to do that for ourselves.

I had a talk with another music coach and I love what she said. Everything works, and everything doesn’t. It all depends on the person that’s doing it. Plenty of people have done amazing but there are plenty that have done zero. There’s no magic solution but it’s all about what that person is willing to do. A lot of the learning happens in the doing. A lot of learning happens in the mistake.

Also for those of you who are in difficult situations about family, finances or health and are always waiting for life to get easier, life is never going to be easier. You will just get different set of problems. You cannot just sit in the sidelines wishing you had a different life. We cannot change our circumstances but we can change our thoughts around it.

If I made excuses, I could have said I cannot have a music career because I cannot drive, or because I have an auto-immune disease, or I have little kids. I didn’t do any of that. I had a lot of problems in my music career but I did it. I was willing to deal with the consequences, good and bad, and I was willing to do consistent messy action. You have to be able to put up with the crap to get to the good stuff.

Reactive vs Proactive Mindset
We cannot change our circumstances. The only thing we do have control over are our thoughts around the things that are happening. Changing those thoughts change the feelings we have around them. If we can make a situation a learning experience, it will change what you feel about it. That turns you from having a reactive mindset to having a proactive mindset. If you have a reactive mindset, your actions all depends on what’s happening around you and you are disempowered. If you have a proactive mindset, you are empowered and you are the master of your own destiny. It’s true that you cannot have control over things but you have to know what you have control over. Think about how you can switch your mindset because you are going to get knocked down a million times over your career.

Next episode I will talk about the Proactive Mindset and what you can do strategically to move forward in your music career. Focus your hands on the handful that is supporting you right now and keep on going and growing. You create the mechanism that gets you back up when things get difficult. You have to take control of your own mindset and your own feelings. And you have to build your fanbase as well as friends who support you.

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