How do you get your fans to stick around? How do you turn a listener into a fan and then a supporter of your music? You must have a clear fan discovery journey with several sticky points along the way. Let’s talk about why your fans might not be sticking around and what your can do to fix it.

There are a lot of people who come in contact with your music, but how can you make sure that you connect with those people? Building your fanbase, nurturing them and getting them to be your supporters is getting you the income that you need. The problem comes in where artists don’t really know how to build their fanbase. We want to clear up how you build your fanbase.

Mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Throwing money at the problem

When you see all these successful artists, you want to spend all your money to copy what those artists are doing. It might get you a bit of exposure, but because you don’t have that foundation in place where you turn that listener into an actual fan, you do not have sticky points in place.

2. Thinking that acquisition of listeners and turning them into fans happens naturally.

There are a lot of music out there, especially in the digital world. You cannot just leave this up to chance. You have to have a map of how people find you and how they keep connected with you. You have to have a website and email list. This is not like selling yourself to them but this is putting yourself out there. It is about presenting an opportunity to them and giving them a chance to grab it. Put yourself in your fan’s shoes.

3. So many artists see engagement as a chore.

This is very understandable especially as your mailing list grows and you have to engage to a lot of people. If you create a system for yourself, it won’t feel like a chore. Example is answering Instagram messages during lunchtime. It no longer feels like a chore because it will be a part of your day. If you need to hire someone else, they can engage for you as well but the important thing is to still take part so it still feels authentic to your fans. Hire it out as long as you’re still connected. I have pre-recorded content so it doesn’t feel overwhelmed. I can also do spur of the moment content but I don’t have to worry since I have pre-recorded content.

You have to understand your complete fan discovery roadmap to get your fans to stick around. That is also the reason why I created the Musician’s Profith Path Accelerator to help you fill in the gaps with your roadmap.

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