I talk with Milow The Girl (Sylvia), an artist originally from Switzerland on the artist roster of Los Angels-based label Realize Records.  Milow The Girl is an award-winning artist who has performed at large festivals and small venues in the US and Europe. She has just released a new album in 2015. She has even more exciting projects coming in 2015 including a film.


Artist Development: The Journey Begins

  • How and when she got her start singing.
  • How she makes a living with her music in 2015.
  • The composition of her income streams and how a lot of little things make up he income.
  • Who she has on her team and what they do to move her career forward.
  • How often she performs live and what type of venues she chooses.


over-30-music-talentPitfalls & Stumbling Blocks in Artist Development

  • How she deals with doubt and difficulties she’s encountered throughout her early career.
  • What your motivation should be for having a career in music.
  • Why you should keep going even if when you encounter roadblocks and difficult people.
  • The role mentors (or lack of mentors) played in her artist development.
  • How her perfectionism effects her work in the studio.
  • How she and her journey of artist development is unique and encouraging.
  • How she makes sure her music doesn’t sound homogeneous.  Her albums contain diversity of style and color.
  • What have been her most mind-blowing performances.


indie-musician-successWhat’s Happening Now in Her Artist Development

  • About her recently released album “Overexposed” in 2015.
  • About the feature film that will include her music and is loosely based on her tour.
  • How long she’s on screen in the movie.
  • How she uses social media and person to person networking.
  • How her manager and label are indispensable tools to help her promote and get gigs.
  • How luck plays a role in artist development and your music career.
  • How staying positive is so important in artist development.




Book Recommendation

The Secret

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